David Bailey, once editor of Delta Air Lines’ Sky magazine, is looking for his next dream job.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Mike Fincham Says:

    Hi David,

    Very sorry to hear your news. Will you be migrating your BBQ blog and continuing or is this the new spot?

    • dclaud Says:

      I’m leaving the barbecue blog up in hopes of finding a sponsor. Texas Pete? I’ve, in fact, asked them. In the meantime, I wanted to shed a little more personal light on what I’m doing and not restrict myself to bbq.
      What goes into and comes out of My Pie Hole seemed apropos. But I miss the contact with the barbecue community. First order of business, though, is to make the nut on the mortgage and that requires finding employment.
      I enjoyed your latests posts , 50 food best food blogs and the sausage store. we, believe it or not, have a terrific salami place here in Greensboro, Giaccomo’s. You can mail order them, btw.

  2. John Hawksley Says:


    Did you live in Warrensburg MO wen you were a kid? You would be about the right age for the David Bailey I knew. His mom cooked up big pans of morels in butter and he could see them in the woods much better than I could. We used to collect walnuts to sell and packed them in feed bags on my old horse. These good food threads and because you say cain’t with the same inflection make me suspect your the guy I knew. Am I right?


  3. dclaud Says:

    This definitely wasn’t me but certainly could have been my twin. Morels, in fact, grow in our side yard and I love black walnuts. Maybe David II and I ought to dine together if you ever find him.
    As you can see from the images on my blog, I’m not likely to be mistaken for David Bailey the photographer.

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